MSA-1E 2.0 Subaru Brat 1/24th 4WD RTR

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The NEW MSA-1E 2.0 Platform - More Torque, More Fun & Better Drivability


Carisma, and Carisma Scale Adventure are proud to announce the next evolution of the MSA-1E 1/24th Micro Scale Adventure platform. We've been busy behind the scenes developing and testing, and with that now complete, will be Initially releasing two new MSA-1E models in very popular incarnations; A Mitsubishi Pajero XL in Red and the ever popular Subaru BRAT in a Black livery. The MSA- 1E 2.0 brings to the table an upgraded Gearbox with a 25% Lower Gearing and specially developed larger 130 Can MSA-1E Crawler Spec Brushed Motor. This new Motor offers an almost unstoppable 46% Increase In Torque over industry standard 1/24th Brushed Motors (19.61 mN.m v 10.59 mN.m), a 10,000 lower RPM range for better Low RPM Finesse, and an increased Operating Voltage Range of 3-8.4v.


This all combines to offer a new emphasis on Low RPM Drivability and Throttle Finesse. The new 2.0 platform offers both Power and Control. These are two essential factors in elevating the end users experience of the rig, and ensuring it's success in this ever growing sector of the market. At release the platform has now undergone hundreds of hours of real world testing to find the perfect balance. We are confident that the 2.0 transmission with its improved Gear Ratio and a specially developed High Torque Crawler Spec Motor work in total harmony together to give an unparalleled degree of smoothness, a steadiness of acceleration, and effortless throttle control.


When combined with our unique CTX 2000 Transmitters '1,2,3' throttle profile switch, drivers of all ages and abilities can now to push themselves (and the new MSA-1E platform) further than ever before. It doesn't matter if you are Trail Running, Rock Crawling or simply Fun Bashing in the lounge or garden, anything's now possible with the new MSA-1E 2.0. We have just set a new benchmark in 1/24th Micro Scale Adventure products. Embrace the Micro Scale Adventure!

MSA-1E 2.0 Subaru Brat 1/24th 4WD RTR