M48S Audi Sport Quattro S1 1985

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Carisma are very proud to announce the release of our second M48S Iconic rally release. We worked closely with Audi to produce a new 285mm SWB version of our M48S platform and created a photo-realistic 1985 Audi Sport Quattro S1 in 1/8th.


As a 1:1 vehicle the Audi Quattro was the first rally car to effectively use all-wheel drive, and would go on to to be a benchmark for future cars fitted with such a drive-train. Here at Carisma we decided to make the driving experience as close to the original Group B spec as possible.


We've utilized a new 550 Big Can Brushless Motor, offering both RPM and Torque.


To power this we've updated the ESC to our newly developed ARC-3 to allow for the use of 2 or 3S LiPo as standard, and when combined with the 2.4Ghz F.H.S.S Radio Gear and 3 Diff 4WD all metal driveline, offers a robust and true rally driving experience like no other. 


The car is a ARR, so just add your own choice of 7.2v NiMH, 7.4v LiPO or 11.1v LiPO.


The body has been faithfully reproduced using original design data, and we've ensured it's as accurate as possible, including all the down-force generating aero package, it's SWB dimensions, different screen angle to the LWB Quattro and it's complete replica livery to complete the accurate and truly photo-realistic looks.


The final result is truly stunning, and the perfect collectible, yet functional 1/8th RC car.


Run on 7.4v 2S initially to get a feel for the cars handling, and then when the time is right move to 3S for more wheel-speed, acceleration and torque.


At A Glance M48S Quick Spec Guide: -


  • Scale: 1:8 - Wheelbase: 285mm - Width: 231mm.
  • Chassis: LWB with Lightweight G10 Chassis Plates.
  • Stock Gearing Spur Gear 46T M1, Motor Pinion 12T M1, Internal Ratio: 15/39.
  • Wheel hex is 12mm
  • Driveline: Fully Ball-raced, Dedicated 4WD, Front & Rear Metal Gear Diffs, Center Gear Diff to Maximise both Grip & Power. 
  • Motive Power: 550 Can Brushless Power with efficient XT60 Connector
  • Brand NEW Brushless ESC ARC-3 is 3S FRIENDLY
  • Suspension & Handling: Oil Filled Coil-Over Shocks & Anti-Roll Bar Front & Rear.
  • Wheels: Iconic Multi-spoke MOLDED WHITE WHEELS
  • Tyres: Tarmac Spec Racing Tires.
  • Body/Livery: Iconic Audi Sport Quattro S1 Group B rally car factory livery
  • Radio: Full Sized, Full Function, 2.4Ghz F.H.S.S CTX-8000 Steer-wheel Radio System.

NOTE: This is a 'NO BATTERY EDITION', ESC is now 3S Friendly


Please note there might be import duty or tax in the receiving country where it see fits. 


Option Parts Available Upon Release: -


  • Carbon Fibre Chassis Plate 
  • CVDs to replace stock Dogbones
  • Optional Motor Pinion Gears
  • Optional Spur Gears 
  • Optional Gravel Spec studded tyres

M48S Audi Sport Quattro S1 1985