Lower Plate 2.5mm Graphite for Tamiya C-Car

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Group-C A True Tamiya Classic

The Group-C Chassis, the predecessor of the F103 and F104 Cars, was first introduced by Tamiya in November 1990, in the guise of the Mercedes Benz C11. Over the many decades that followed, the Group-C Chassis has ammassed a truly cult following, with many other models based on this chassis being released, built, collected and raced globally.

But until now finding Option and Tuning Parts was near impossible...

Like-Minds = Perfect Solutions

In a true collabouration of like minds, RC MAN and Carisma Racing have joined forces to first prototype, and then produce some much sought after Option Parts for the Group-C series chassis. The first products to be released under this collabouration are an uprated Front Lower Plate (16460) and Improved T-Bar Set (16461).

The former offers a better mount for the Steering Servo, giving more consistent steering throw left and Right.

The latter offers Improved Grip and 2WD handling, and is an essential rear end tuning option.

Lower Plate 2.5mm Graphite for Tamiya C-Car