KD-PROPO CTX 2000 2.4Ghz Wheel Transmitter

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KD-PROPO CTX 2000 2.4Ghz F.H.S.S Wheel Transmitter

Works with MRX-2800 Receiver and MSA-1E 2-In-One ESC/RX module

The CTX 2000 also the throttle 1, 2, 3 switch allowing the thottle to be limited for younger or more inxeperienced end users. 


The binding instructions is as follows


  1. Turn off everything
  2. Press and HOLD the receiver bind button while power ON the ESC
  3. LED on the receiver will be flashing
  4. Release the Bind button on the receiver
  5. Pick up the CTX-8000 or CTX-2000
  6. PRESS and HOLD the SYNC Button and power ON the Radio.
  7. The binding process will begin.
  8. LED of the Receiver will STOP flashing when the binding process is completed.


KD-PROPO CTX 2000 2.4Ghz Wheel Transmitter