CRF-1 Rear Pod Support Plate

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CRF-1 Rear Pod Supporting Bracket Demonstrate Exceptional Performance in Various Racing Conditions

Carisma Racing, is excited to announce that our 1/10 RC Formula One Chassis Rear Pod Supporting Plate have shown exceptional performance on different tracks and racing conditions. This supporting plate have proven their reliability and stability in challenging environments, making them a game-changing solution for remote-controlled racing enthusiasts.

The Supporting plate excel in the following racing conditions:

  1. High-Speed Circuits: It provides stability and maintain control at top speeds on high-speed circuits.

  2. Technical Tracks: It enhances stability and control, allowing drivers to navigate tight corners and challenging sections with confidence on technical tracks.

  3. Not so smooth Surface: The plate withstand rough terrain, ensuring durability and resilience for off-road racing.

  4. Wet Conditions: It minimizes instability and improve control in wet conditions, offering better maneuverability on slippery surfaces.

These examples illustrate the outstanding performance of our 1/10 RC Formula One Chassis Rear Pod Supporting Plate. Their versatility and reliability make them suitable for a wide range of racing tracks and conditions, enabling RC car enthusiasts to achieve remarkable results.

This is a 2mm G10 precision made by CNC

Pay attention to the location of the screws.

Apply thread lock in all holes.

Fits Both OLD style and new stronger rear pods. 

CRF-1 Rear Pod Support Plate