Postage Increase for International Mail Service

The following is an urgent announcement by the HKPS: -

Starting from November 7, 2022, the postage rates of the following international mail services will be adjusted:-

  • Speedpost
  • Vantage Courier
  • e-Express
  • Air Parcel
  • Bulk Air Mail
  • Bulk Posting of Lightweight Mail Items (Air & Surface)
  • International Periodicals

"The COVID-19 pandemic has continued to impact on the global supply chain, resulting in a substantial increase in conveyance costs. In order to sustain the provision of international mail services, the postage rates of the aforementioned services will have to be adjusted according to the market prices to cover the substantial increase in conveyance costs and delivery charges levied by the postal administrations of destinations. Hongkong Post will continue with its efforts to manage its cost with a view to provide affordable and quality services.

NOTE: At the same time, Speedpost Freight service, iMail service and Vantage (Packet) service will be ceased due to decreasing market demand. Members of the public may use Speedpost Standard service, Registered Airmail service, Vantage (Courier) service or e-Express service as an alternative."


We have no choice but to update our rates on the webstore accordingly, and hope that this does not affect you, the end user too much. Postage costs are calculated using weight and volume, so bigger and heavier items will always cost significantly more to ship. Remember: A bodyshell while being quite light, has much larger volume, so also costs more to ship than say a small plastic part (or parts) of the same weight.


Peter Gray 

Global Brand Manager  


  • Nov 07, 2022
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