SCA-1E 2.1 SPEC Toyota Tacoma TRD PRO 1/10th 4WD RTR 313mm WB

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This Is No Ordinary RTR...

PRO just got a whole lot more 'PRO'. Our Carisma Scale Adventure 2.1 RTR Spec just went up a notch (or 5!). The features on offer in this rig represent the most bang for buck of any RTR vehicle our there today. Here's the intel: -

  • First is the Officially Licensed TOYOTA TACOMA TRD Pro Body. This is no ordinary Shell. We created Hard Body realism, with the weight advantage of Lexan. It's a multi-part moulding with added injection moulded scale detail.

  • LED Lights are pre-fitted at the factory, and will allow end users to illuminate their way on Rocks or Trails or even urban environments.

  • For the first time ever we offer this rig with the fully programmable ARC-2 Electronic Speed Controller as standard. Fine tune any one of 21 Programmable Performance Parameters with the included, (and easy to use) RPG-1 programmer.

  • Our CSA 5-Pole Motor generates immense Torque and low RPM Throttle Finesse. Essential for Exploration, Trail Running and Rock Crawling. When matched with the ARC-2 ESC, this offers a formidable combination of Control and Power.

  • Then we have the ATT Transmission. Developed by Carisma and it's Team Drivers to virtually eliminate Torque Twist, it creates an even distribution of Traction and Grip, regardless of the surface you run on.

  • The Rig comes with unique TRD Pro, True Beadlock Wheels, ensuring that the 95mm Ultra Realistic ATSS Tyres stay firmly on the rims.

This rigs Iconic Trim Scheme is immediately recognisable. It pays a fitting tribute to the Toyota's heritage. This is a 4x4 that needs no introduction, it's look say's it all...

Also included for the first time is the compact, yet fully featured CTX-2000 2.4GHz Transmitter. With a unique 1-2-3 Throttle Profile Switch, it allows users of all abilities to have complete control of the rig. From seasoned OG RC enthusiast, to complete RC newbie, we have all parts of the experience spectrum covered. 


This is RC escapism in it's purest form, matching human and machine in perfect harmony. Here at Carisma Scale Adventure we live life one battery pack at a time, and make each moment a lasting memory forever...

Ivan Carisma

SCA-1E 2.1 SPEC Toyota Tacoma TRD PRO 1/10th 4WD RTR 313mm WB