CRF1 Classic Team Lotus Type 98T 1/10th 2WD Kit (Discontinued)

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The  history behind this Carisma Racing release is ingrained in Formula One folklore. The Lotus 98T  was a truly innovative  F1  car designed for Team Lotus by  Gèrard Ducarouge  and Martin Ogilvie. It was raced by the legendary Brazilian  Ayrton Senna, and his teammate,  Scottish driver  Johnny Dumfries in the  1986 Formula One World Championships. 

The chassis featured a low Carbon fibre, Kevlar and Alloy monocoque design, a  Renault  EF15B  turbocharged  V6 engine and a six-speed, manual Hewland racing gearbox. There are unconfirmed reports that the Renault EF15B produced in excess of 1000 HP at unrestricted boost pressure, making it one of the most powerful and iconic engines ever used in Formula 1. Other innovations the 98T brought to F1 included a two-stage ride height adjustment, water injection and an advanced micro computer controlled fuel injection, that for its day was revolutionary. The car fittingly had its debut at the 1986 Brazilian Grand Prix, when Senna promptly took second place. Over the season it attained 8 pole positions, 8 podium positions and 2 wins. The 98T was the last Lotus car in history to carry John Player's famous black and gold colours. On many levels this car truly epitomises 1980's F1, and Carisma Racings latest release a fitting tribute to both the vehicle itself and the driving legends of that era of motorsport.
The CRF-1 has a brand new, Innovative 2WD race chassis. It was designed and tested in Europe, both taking the TQ and winning outright the first BRCA F1 National of the 2019-2020 season. This platform has been designed from the ground up to do just one! 
The body is licensed via Classic Team Lotus. this not only a fun and icon RC F1 car to own, its also a collectable snapshot of automotive history. We could have built a F1 car that looked great, but that ultimately then didn't deliver the outright performance racers crave in parity. Instead we developed the CRF-1 platform to be as adjustable as possible, to cater for every track/surface type and driving style. The components and materials used represent the finest and most durable for this type of racing. The technical specifications below may seem a long and in-depth list, but one that's very necessary to compete at the very highest level, and be able to fine-tune the set up and chassis geometry to win races.

Please Note: Requires Wheels, Tires, All Electrics, Paint, Threadlock


  • CRF-1 CF Race Chassis Kit
  • Fully Licensed Classic Team Lotus Body
  • Race Spec Ball Diff As Standard

NOT Included In The Kit

  • No Wheel And Tyres
  • No Steering Servo
  • No Electronics
  • No Battery
  • No Pinion
  • No Motor
  • No ESC

CRF1 Classic Team Lotus Type 98T 1/10th 2WD Kit (Discontinued)