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GT14MK3 + ESC/Motor/Servo Combo

 Racing 1/14 scale touring cars with friends on carpet or asphalt is a lot of fun, and Carisma’s GT14MK3 is the ideal

platform to deliver close, fun racing in smaller spaces. 
This 4WD competition-level touring chassis can blast around the track with ease due to its compact size, while being
as adjustable to varying track surfaces and conditions as its larger 1/10 scale counterparts. The adjustability of this
fully assembled rolling chassis enables a high level of tuning suitable for any driver and track. Track-tuned rubber
tires with inserts are included, while foam and optional tires are also available. A clear sedan body and wing are also
• Anodized aluminum shocks with threaded spring adjusters
• Fully independent and adjustable suspension
• FRP chassis plate and top plate
• Foam bumper
• Complete ball bearings
• Adjustable front and rear ball differentials
• FRP shock towers
• Specially developed rubber tires with inserts mounted and glued on spoked wheels
• Twin-belt, low friction drive train with slipper
• Adjustable steering and camber links 
Bundle Package:
• 4500KV 370 brushless motor (CIS14798)
• Steering servo (MS903GT or similar)
• MSC18WP Sensorless ESC 
Additional things you need:
• Transmitter and Receiver
• Lexan Paint
• 2S mini LiPo Pack

Perfect combination for this racer/

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