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Carisma Racing V70TypeR, 70A Sensored ESC/w Programming BOX Special

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15785 V70R Electronic Speed Control (ESC), now with Programmingbox

CARISMA RACING, Your Companion on the RC Tracks !!!

Pursuit of the excellence in the Radio Control vehicles and electronic craftmanship, Carisma Racing electronic accessories have precision and reliable quality. V70R ESC is developed by the professional technical team who is also the champion behind some Top Grade R/C cars in the world. This ESC is specially designed for Mini Buggy using Sensored Brushless Motors:

15786 Carisma Racing mini Sensored Brushless Motor 4600KV
15787 Carisma Racing mini Sensored Brushless Motor 5350KV

Operation mode:
3 combinations of options:

Forward/ Brake >> Pre-SET at Factory
Forward/ Brake / Reverse
Forward/ Reverse

Pre-programmed delay control to avoid sudden reverse of the running direction. This increases the protection to the ESC, Motor and Battery.

Advanced Boost and Turbo timing adjustment for different racing situation.

Power Profile let you adjust the level of punch (the starting traction power of the vehicle). This allows the vehicle to have a good start in any kind of surface.

Adjustable of different paramters including Drag Frequency, Brake Frequency and Drive Frequency. This allows you to personalize the control of the vehicle and escalate the driving experience.

Low Voltage Threshold to reserve the power for the radio when the voltage of the battery drops too low. This helps to prevent accident as well as protecting the LiPo Battery in your vehicle.

Temperature Setting to protect the overheat of the ESC and prevent sudden shut down of the car.
Mutli LEDs for quick status display

Input Voltage: 8.4V-12.6V
Operating Current: 70A
Max Current: 100A
Motor Type: Sensored Brushless Motor
Applications: 1/14 or 1/16 Mini Buggy
Motor Limit:
• 2-3s LiPo 4600Kv or 5350Kv Sensored Brushless Motor
• LiPo/NiMH Cells: 2-3 LiPo
• BEC Output: 6V +/-0.2V, Continuous Current of 2.5A
• Size (LxWxH): 33x41x19 mm
• Weight: XX g

 Carisma Racing Programming Box (15788) is now Free with every purchase of V70R ESC