SCA-1E 1.0 1/10th 4WD Coyote KIT (Discontinued)

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This item is discontinued


Scale, Trail, Crawl. The Coyote Kit can be anything you want it to be. The 1.9” AT-AT tyres and true Beadlock Wheels allow the owner to fine tune the rig’s weight bias by adding stick on wheel weights. This is a Gen 2 rig, with CMS Mount, Alloy threaded bodied Shocks and a stock setup that's designed to perform, with a winch-ready front bumper and shell designed to accommodate an LED kit for that extra touch of scale realism.


The look and lines of the Coyote are further enhanced with additional scale parts. Wing Mirrors, Door Handles, Windscreen Wipers, a highly detailed Grille, front and rear Bumpers, and front and rear LED Ready Lights all combine to take this Lexan Shell to another level of realism.

  • Weight: Approx.2200g (Fully Built)

  • Skid Clearance:75mm (adjustable)

  • Length:480mm (varies by model)

  • Width:230mm (varies by model)

  • Wheelbase:280mm (adjustable)

  • Height:210mm (adjustable)   

SCA-1E 1.0 1/10th 4WD Coyote KIT (Discontinued)