A Message From 'NotSoCrazy' Ivan

Dear valued customers, and my extended Carisma Family all across the globe.

After many months of darkness caused by the COVID-19 crisis, both in Hong Kong and all over the World, we are now starting to see the light again.

We have all been affected in some way, many of us (including my own team members) have lost loved ones and friends, and have had to endure long periods of isolation, social distancing, shortages of supplies, food and often due to lack of work or unemployment, even money. It's not been easy, and it's far from over, but we have fresh hope, and we will re-adjust to what's been described as a 'new normality' the best we can, by supporting each other.

We are slowly getting back into manufacturing our products again, and have been busy designing and developing new ones. The first step in our ongoing journey forward is the new online store we have just launched. We are here to help you, the end user get the most from our Carisma products, and for those not part of the hobby yet, to guide you into making the best choices you can, and make your first experience of RC a good one, that will lead to a lifetime of fun with like minded people, and part of a global community. 

We will have shortages in some areas, but that will resolve over time. You should always support your local hobby retailers as your first port of call, they more than ever need your custom to keep their business alive. Each territory has its own Distributor and they will ensure that as many products as possible are available, to you the end users. Anything you can't get, always try and pre-order locally, this ensures the supply chain is always in motion, and everyone can prosper.

If you do order from us direct, bear in mind that postal services are still somewhat restricted, but are improving all the time. We will endeavour to get products shipped the safest, and fastest way possible at all times. Things may take much longer than usual, so bear with us, as every country seems to work slightly differently with factors like Customs and Parcel Distribution centres dealing with huge demand as people favour online shopping over physical shopping.

I wish you and your families a happy and healthy remainder of 2020 and far beyond. Thank you for your continued support of our brands, and we hope to keep you supplied with vehicles, spares and option parts for many, many years to come.

Stay Well, Stay Safe, Have Fun, Be Kind.

Ivan Carisma 
CEO MA Toys/Carisma RC



  • Aug 31, 2020
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