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Thumbs Design Layshaft Set For The GTB

The Thumbs Designs layshafts have been in testing for several months, in several differnt cars, with some extremely demanding conditions and have been 100% reliable. Not one single pulley has stripped the hex out of the centre.

The shaft has also been designed to take a new slipper pad which has been manufactured from a PTFE based material which helps to dissipate the heat from the clutch much better, but most importantly it makes the slipper work properly. In testing we have found that the original red pads seem to stick to the aluminium plates but once the red pads release they spin wildly and refuse to grip the plates again until the drive power has been released. With these new white Thumbs Designs slipper pads you will find that the slip action of the clutch will release in a much more controlled manner and will grip the aluminium plates again in a similar smooth manner. Although we have found that the slipper spring still adjusts almost all the way down, we have found a huge improvement in the slipper clutch action.