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1.9 CNC Alum Beadlock Wheels for Range Rover Classic (4 PCS)

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 Completing 'The Look' With Style & Performance

Dear Carisma family member, with the success of the Range Rover Classic as both a RTR and Clear Body, there’s a big demand for a smaller, 'True Scale' wheel and tyre combo to finish the look. To this end CSA has worked with original design data to produce a high tolerance 3-Spoke CNC Alloy Beadlock wheel set, and our own True Scale soft compound 95mm tyre, the ATSS (All Terrain Super Scale Item: 16120) The wheels can be easily internally weighted to adjust the rigs weight bias and lower the C of G. The true beadlocks firmly hold the tyres in place, holding the tyres bead evenly and firmly in place while still retaining the correct appearance of the original 1:1 wheels. 


Real World Tested  

The tyres have been extensively tested by our Global Team Drivers on multiple surface types to ensure the best end user experience. Wet, dry, mud, sand, grass, rock. They produce grip when it’s needed and retain a good sidewall profile even under the harshest of conditions, whiole still looking scale.


A 'Must Buy' Scale Accessory For JLR Fans Globally 

This is truly the wheel and tyre combination all 1/10th Range Rover fans have been waiting for.

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